Communication is provided by two TOSIBOX® devices - VPN Router and Key. Each is at one end of the communication channel.

The VPN Router is at the location where you want to connect remotely. The Key is a USB module that you plug into your computer. That's it.

The key will automatically find the VPN Router and connect to it. The dongle then automatically unlocks access to the VPN Router and allows you to access the network or device behind the VPN Router. This works over firewalls and on virtually any type of network.

The connection is encrypted and meets the highest security requirements. Apart from pairing, you don't need to set up anything.

  • Simplicity
  • Speed
  • Security

Setting up

Nothing more is needed than to pair the VPN Router and the Key. The Key is inserted into the Router, thus automatically transmitting the identification data. After a few minutes, the pairing is complete. You can then place the VPN Router on the remote local network you will be connecting to. Then, whenever you connect the Key to your computer, the Key and the VPN Router will automatically find each other and connect. This gives you access to the device behind the VPN Router wherever it is. If a fixed Internet connection is not available at the remote local network location, a modem connection can also be used. Some routers include modems, for others, corresponding external modems are available.

A key in the form of a USB module is used to connect using a computer. However, the key can also be assigned by software to a phone or tablet to provide you with mobile access. Setup is very simple.

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Connecting two points and complex networks

Tosibox enables the creation of more complex and larger network structures. VPN hardware and software hubs are available to create up to thousands of VPN channels, e.g. for centralized remote diagnostics and maintenance in automation or data monitoring.

Examples of use

  • Remote management, service, and monitoring
  • Centralized remote diagnostics and maintenance of automation systems
  • Remote secure access to information systems
  • Centralized data collection
  • Access to the company network in case of home and customer work
  • Permanent access to home network and NAS drives
  • Permanent access to CCTV and security systems
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For companies in the field of automation, remote monitoring, etc. we are willing to prepare an individual price offer. Contact us or register and we will get back to you.


VAE Prosys s.r.o.

TOSIBOX is a Finnish company that has developed its own secure remote access solution and patented it worldwide. The main advantage of the solution is the ease of commissioning and the highest level of data protection.

The TOSIBOX® contract partner for the Czech Republic is VAE ProSys s.r.o.

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