Security and protection of your data is a priority for Tosibox products.

Physical pairing

The security of our devices is based on the physical pairing of the Lock and the Key. This pairing creates a unique cryptographic link between the physical TOSIBOX® devices.

Two-factor authentication

Users must use two different things to authenticate and gain access: a physical TOSIBOX® key or a mobile device and password.

End-to-end encryption

All connections between TOSIBOX® devices are established using end-to-end encryption. Data is only decrypted directly at the connection endpoints (devices).

Patented connection method

Ability to establish a connection even if the firewall or NAT is overcome. No services are integrated into the TOSIBOX® device that can be eavesdropped or freely accessible on the Internet.

No back door

TOSIBOX® products do not contain backdoors and Tosibox Oy does not store any private keys or passwords for the products.

Standardised technologies

We use standardized and proven technologies such as RSA encryption, AES encryption, Diffie-Hellman key exchange and TLS sessions.

Tosibox patented connection method


Information security is officially audited.

The information security of Tosibox products, services and operations is officially audited. The security audit was conducted by a global independent company according to the ISAE3000 Assurance standard and the controls and content of the audit were based on ISO 27001:2013 and the OpenSAMM Software Assurance Maturity Model.

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