Software key replacing the physical TOSIBOX® KEY – ten licenses

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Product code: TBSKL10 – ten licences

TOSIBOX® SoftKey is computer software that enables a secure connection between your computer and one or more TOSIBOX® Lock devices, giving you full visibility and control of the network device connected to the corresponding Lock device.

SoftKey replaces the physical TOSIBOX® Key USB device.

The permission level of the SoftKey corresponds to the Sub Key, which is tied to the physical key and therefore cannot be used to create multiple keys or mobile clients. Each TOSIBOX® system must have at least one physical TOSIBOX® Key (Master Key) that is used to access TOSIBOX® Lock devices. In addition, it is recommended to create a backup key. Apart from this one Master Key, all other keys can be SoftKeys.

The TOSIBOX® SoftKey meets the high security standards set for all TOSIBOX® products. The SoftKey is created according to the same security procedures as for hardware keys. The SoftKey is computer and user specific, i.e. it cannot be copied or moved to another device. The user of the physical MasterKey can always revoke the access rights of the SoftKey – just like with all other keys and mobile clients.

Features :
TOSIBOX® SoftKey can also be installed in cloud services and virtual environments
TOSIBOX® SoftKey can be created and access rights can be granted immediately from the other side of the world
TOSIBOX® SoftKey can also be used on computers that do not have a USB port or where the use of USB devices is obt

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